Content Management Solutions

A content management solution is fast becoming the basis of every successful website. CMS lets you to change content on your website from a simplified administration area. Choose from a host of content management systems. Each has a predefined set of features and components to meet your specific needs.

CMS comes in two basic flavors…custom designed content management and packaged software.

Packaged and Open Source Software

Packaged and open source software systems are content management systems that give you a sub-set of features. The features vary from package to package. The most common of these packages includes WordPress and Joumla. OpenCart and Zencart are also common e-commerce content management systems.

Today’s packaged systems all offer lots of extended features through plugins. While these plugins offer extra features they also open potential security holes. All plugins need careful research to insure security, compatibility and long term support.

Custom Content Management

Content management solutions designed for you.

Designed to fit your organization and technical expertise. Programmed to enhance your marketing and customer relations strategy.
Developed to match your management structure.

We offer a .net content management system written in-house. Because the code is ours, we can customize the features to meet your exacting needs. We can change components to fit your unique business processes. Our custom content management system is flexible. It can be set to allow for low or high levels of technical expertise. If you don’t have a web designer, we can customize the software to need a minimum of web expertise. Or, it can be set to allow you for complete access so you can do what you need when you need to.

We own the code so we can customize the system to meet your needs. We can provide the exact set of features and functionality you or your customers need

Choose the content management package that fits your technical expertise and business management structure.

Contact us with your questions.

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