A great web design process results in a great website design

You designed your business structure to meet the needs of and satisfy your clients.
You defined your product selection, services and support to match your target market.
We design your website the same way. Our website designs focus on your business goals and your target market needs. This insures your website will be an online reflection of your business.

Excellent web design helps you meet your business goals by helping:

  • Providing customer targeted information, processes and interaction
  • Involving customers in traditional customer service and customer interaction.
  • Automating time consuming tasks and processes.
  • Distributing customized content to individual customers and groups of customers.
  • Increasing customer involvement and interaction in buying and service processes.
  • Automating traditional service processes through integrated software.
  • Creating customer loyalty through low-resource process automation.

Our website development starts with understanding your business and your business goals.
We then create a plan to insure the end product focus on helping you meet your specific business goals.

Without a plan, complex projects tend to fail!

We increase the opportunity for success by focusing on your goals.

We start with getting to know you and your organization.

  • First, we get to know you…your business and your business goals. This includes insuring we understand your products and services. We also review your customers, competitors and business philosophy.
  • We work with you to define specific goals and objectives for your website.
  • Preferred actions are defined along with the preferred actions you want your web site users to take. And we help you set the value propositions that will entice the user to take those actions.
  • Our plan defines the tracking necessary to determine if your site is successful.

Then we create design and development requirements.

  • The content necessary to meet your goals.
  • Graphics and art needed to highlight the content.
  • Site features and functionality required to enable the best customer response.
  • Information and data required to determine the success of the website.
  • Responsibilities of each party in providing the necessary content and structure.

With a clear view of the project requirements, development can begin.

  • Publish the development environment. We publish each phase of development for review. You and other stakeholders can review development progress daily.
  • Customer review insures each stage of development gets approved as completed. You can review each content section, feature and function when published.
  • This is interactive development. Your comments and views get integrated as development advances.
  • There are no surprises at the end of development cycle.

This is the benefit of an effective design process.

You end up with a website that helps you meet your goals and your needs.

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