E-commerce Integration

Including e-commerce capabilities in your website is an excellent way to increase your revenue and customer satisfaction. And, with today’s web technologies, adding e-commerce capabilities is far less demanding.

E-commerce website options

There are three basic options for adding e-commerce to your website.

  • Buy Buttons – These are simple automated buttons that are designed to allow a web user to purchase one item at a time through a service like Google or Pay Pal. They are easy to integrate into your website but have limited options.
  • E-commerce Packages – There are a number of e-commerce software packages on the market.The costs range from free (open-source software) to tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Custom E-commerce Development – This is e-commerce software designed to provide processes that match your marketing, sales and customer support processes exactly.

Stable open source e-commerce hosting environments

We provide a stable hosting environment for the several most popular open-source e-commerce packages. You will need research each to see which best meets your needs and technical expertise. Web Transitions offers setup and technical support for all of the following open source packages.

  • OpenCart is one of the more simple packages to set up and operate. After setup, it doesn’t require a lot of technical know how. There are lots of themes and plugins. Setup does require a bit of technical know how.
  • Zen Cart – Scalable and easy to update. Setup is a little more complex and there is no format support so problem solving may require technical expertise.
  • osCommerce is a stable system that has been around. It is one of the more simple to setup and operate but has a limited number of plugins. However, it does have a large support community.
  • WooCommerce for WordPress is one of the more complex systems and does require technical expertise for setup and plugin management. Content management is reasonably easy especially if you are familiar with WordPress.

Custom E-commerce website development

We also offer complete website development. If your business is unique and needs to evolve as the market changes, we can create a completely custom e-commerce website design.  Our e-commerce software was developed in-house with constant upgrades and revisions over the last 20 years. Owning the code means we can customize the software to match any feature or business process you need now or will need anytime in the future. That includes:

  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Custom Product Definitions
  • Multiple Pricing Levels
  • Custom Marketing and Promotional Features
  • MSSQL Database for fleibility in back office software integration

All of our custom e-commerce website development solutions come complete with a full range of administration features of both content and catalog management features and can be customized to fit your exacting needs.


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