Email Preferences

Your email service provides lots of additional features you can control. You can access these features through your Web Mail account.

Your Web Mail account is a web based interface to your email. You can access the Web Mail Account by pointing your browser to

Enter your mail account ID (user id) and your password and choose Sign In. After successfully signing in, choose Email Preferences from the left column.

Mail List: The first section is Mail List and provides options for how you want your email to display in your web mail. Most of these options can be left on the default settings.

Reading Mail: These options control how each email displays and the default actions.

Writing Email: You should review these settings. We do recommend setting “Show mail sending buttons” to At top and Bottom, “User HTML editor for composing” to Always.

Sending Email: These options define how your emails will be sent from Web Mail. A couple of suggestions are:

Yes to: Add email recipients to address book?

Display error: To action if sent email subject is missing.

GPG, Delivery Notifications, Date and Time Settings and Mail Folders should be left on the Defaults unless you have a specific need.

Spam Options: These options should be set:

Show spam reporting buttons for Messages

Show ham reporting buttons for Messages

Delete spam when reporting = Yes

Move mail to inbox when whitelisting = Yes

Move ham to inbox when reporting = Yes

Add all address book entries to whitelist = Yes

Add email recipients to whitelist = Yes

Attachment Options:

Set show image attachments as thumbnails = No

Default number of uploaded attachments should be raised to fit your needs.

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