Your domain name is expiring!!! Renew NOW!

Network Solutions ( is the registration equivalent of Wells Fargo bank.

Check your domain name renewals carefully!

Today we received a notification from Network Solutions that one of the domains for one of our clients was due for renewal. Since we have lots of customers and help manage lots of domains, this is not an unusual occurrence. We receive a lot of notification from several domain registration companies.

There was a problem with this particular renewal notice. Neither we nor our customer registered this domain. It looked like one of the several domains registered for this customer. They registered the .com, .net and .org versions of the domain name. This renewal notice was for a .co domain.

We made a call to the network solutions support number. After explaining that we could not locate any indication of ordering the domain, we ask for the order details.

Turns out, Network Solutions had decided that they would provide a free domain (the .co version) just for us. There was no charge for the “promotional” domain. However, there was no indication in the renewal notice that the domain had not been registered by us. In fact, the renewal notification looks exactly like the renewal notice for every domain.

If you get a domain renewal from Network Solutions or be sure to check to make sure the domains you are renewing are actually domains you want and use.