Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Services and Support

Having a great website is useless if you have no visitors. This is why we include basic search engine optimization with every website design. We also include basic web marketing features in every design.

Here are a few of the services we provide for our web development customers.

  • Current Website Technical Review: We review the technical capabilities of your existing website. From this research, we develop a plan for your SEO efforts or options for updating your SEO capabilities.
  • Keyword Research: We provide basic key word research. This includes research into keywords used by competing companies. We also provide frequency of use stats for the most popular keywords.
  • Content Optimization: We optimize your existing content with a focus on your keywords. We can also provide training in how you can optimize your content for search engines.
  • E-commerce affiliate and referral programs research and implementation
  • Infrastructure and tracking for your online advertising and marketing. This includes tracking for:
    email advertising
    online advertising
    social media banner advertising
    content placement marketing
  • Customize Infrastructure for customized content presentation based on incoming marketing links. This is software that customizes your web page content based on the keywords used by the visitor. These components can also customize content based on key codes. These key codes can be embedded in any advertising, social media or content link..

There is great potential for keyword and key code advertising, promotions or special marketing content.
These landing pages focus on content that matches the users specific concerns or interests.

Contact us to find out how content targeting can improve your ROI.

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