Business Process Integration

Using your website as an online brochure is an opportunity wasted and not a valid use of resources.

Today’s web technologies make it easy to incorporate any business process into your website. You can now build virtually any business process into your web presence. A few examples include:

  • Asset management
  • Inventory management and control
  • Sales
  • Return requests and processing
  • Sales process and returns tracking
  • Customer interaction and support
  • Customer preference tracking
  • Advertising and marketing effectiveness tracking and cost analysis

You can build any automated process, front end or back end, into your website. But, automating business processes depends upon ROI. Business processes, especially custom business processes can be expensive to put in place. It is important to understand the full cost and return on investment for each.

You will need to do a cost analysis for each process you want to integrate. Each potential process will need a close analysis of the development and management cost and benefits as well as the effect on your customers.

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