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Responsive Design – Don’t ignore over half of your audience

The growth of mobile browsing has been phenomenal. Mobile browsing statistics:

  • 63% of site visits are using a mobile device.
  • 49% of total onsite time is through a mobile device
  • Bounce rate of mobile devices has dropped to below 50%

Mobile device usage is still increasing, especially among younger (under 30) users. This increase means that responsive designs, designs that adjust for readability based on the screen size of the viewing device, is a necessity for any business or organizational web site.

Responsive website design allows the content to adjust to the users screen size. This could be as small as 320 pixels wide for a small hand held, up to 2400 pixels wide for a desktop. Responsive sites take more time to design properly because you have to insure that the content is easily navigated in all device sixes. And, mobile users are far more selective about what they want in a browsing experience. Mobile users are far more interested in simple and intuitive navigation. The amount of readable information on a small mobile screen makes the content creation even more important.

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