We manage the technology so you have more time to manage your business.

Today’s websites are complex and technical. Advances in technology make it possible for your website to run any almost process. They make almost any user or business process possible. The resulting websites are far more complex and complicates content management processes. Web Transitions’ services focus on reducing the technical knowledge you need. We take care of the technology so you don’t have to.

Web Transitions’ technicians manage all website hosting setup and management for you. When you need changes a phone call or mail is all that is necessary.

  • We maintain your content management software. When needed, we install new software, plugins and security updates.
  • Our technicians update all web server software as required. Never worry about new software or updates again.
  • You have total access to your entire website, files, and content.
  • Update or change anything on your website at your convenience. Set up as many editors as you need and limit access as you see fit through your administration interface. Customer support is available when you need it.

Our services are designed to give you more time to focus on managing your business. We reduce the technical requirements of managing your website. This gives you more time to focus on managing and marketing your business.

Web Transitions’ services make your life easier with straightforward and simple web hosting and open source content management. Contact us today for a new easily managed website design.

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